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Barky, the canine architect, and her staff have big plans to design the ultimate doghouse to please their wealthy client, Mr. Moola. They transport the fussy Moola to view each model.

The country house is surrounded by grass. “ACHOO!”  The city house proves too tempting for a spendthrift. “I’LL GO BELLY UP!” The summer house bores. “YAWN!” The winter house is chilly! “I’M NO HUSKY!”

“You’re fired!” Mr. Moola growls. “I’ll hire Piggery and Piggery.”

“Oh, my slippers!” says Barky.

Instead of playing dead, the staff throws Mr. Moola a new bone.  Combining the best of each idea, Barky creates a house in New York City, complete with detachable roof, green house, pool, and a snow cone machine! “Yowza, that’s a house!” he howls.

Munching celebratory kibbles, Barkytect and team pose with Mr. Moola. They, along with photos of the house, are featured in “Barkytecture” magazine.